Data-based discussions with the EPC firm's-Customer Project Management Consulting team

Often, the customer firm hires a project management consulting (PMC) team to oversee the work of the EPC contractor. Most of the PMC teams are biased towards customers as they are being paid by them. To show its value to the customer such PMC teams become very hard on the contractor to the extent of being unfair. PMC's enthusiasm to show good work to the employer always leads to delays for EPC contractor's deliverables because PMC will take a lot of time to approve things or show that a given output of the contractor is of low quality or not complete etc. Therefore, additional time has to be built in by the contractor team in schedules to take into account the delays attributed to employers' PMC team. There are very few PMCs who operate in an unbiased way for the success of the overall project. Since the selection of the PMC team is not in the hands of the contractor team, they should not give up under the pressure of biased PMC & always provide data-based facts to these teams during discussions. By doing so the unfair behavior of PMC can be brought under control and a degree of trust can be built between PMC & the contractor team.